Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About Me

***LAST UPDATED April 23, 2012***

First of all, welcome to my book blog! I'm so glad you've stopped by for a visit and are interested in learning more about me! I hope you enjoy reading my posts and come back often.  Lots has changed since I last updated this post OVER TWO YEARS AGO, so here we go!

Melissa the Person:

I've been married since May 17, 2008 to my wonderful hubby, J. B. We currently live in a townhouse in a suburb north of Atlanta, Georgia.  We welcomed our first child, a little girl named Laura, who was born last June.  It's hard to believe we are coming up on her first birthday in just over a month!!  She has been the light of our life and truly, I can't remember what life was like before she was born.

In the last couple of months, I have gone through another job change and have left Georgia Tech and B&N College Bookstores after two-and-a-half years. I now work from home full time as a Sales Planning and Forecasting Analyst for GEAR for Sports, which includes the Champion, GEAR, and Under Armour Brands.  I serve as the Vendor Analyst for B&N College Bookstores, in fact.  But really, the best part is I get to work from home -- more time with my little girl and husband, and just more time to keep up with the home life in general!

I'm a 2003 graduate of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where I received my B. S. in Mathematics, as well as a minor in Management. Prior to my current job, I also worked for Russell Athletic for three years in their college stores division, both as a forecaster and sales analyst, as well as an account executive. I also spent five years with B&N College Bookstores at both W&M and Georgia Tech. While at Georgia Tech the first time around, I was the buyer for school spirit clothing and gifts.

Melissa the Blogger:

I've been blogging since the summer of 2008 when I decided to start my personal blog, Melissa's Musings. I have since stopped publishing there because let's face it, I barely have time for this blog, much less another one.  And I'd much rather share my thoughts on books than blog for people who generally already know what's going on with me and my family, anyway.  :-)

In February 2009, I really got serious about my blogging. I love to read and talk to other people about reading. However, not many of my friends or family tend to read as much as I do, nor do they often read the same books I do. When I stumbled across a book blog for the first time (it was Becky's Book Reviews) and started reading many other similar blogs, I realized that I was onto something... Why not start my own book blog?! And so, Melissa's Bookshelf was born! Let me tell you, it's been amazing to connect with so many other readers and bloggers--I love being a part of this online community! Not only that, but I have found so many amazing books to add to my wishlist, and I like to think that my reviews might be helping others choose books that they would enjoy reading. :-)

Melissa the Reader:

My love for reading started at a young age. At the end of kindergarten, I received the class award for "Best Reader." My parents really encouraged me to read books--every time there was a book fair at school, I could always count on my mother to pick up a few books for me. When I was younger, I devoured Nancy Drew mysteries, The Babysitters Club series, and Judy Blume's and Beverly Cleary's popular children's books. As I grew older I got caught up in the Christopher Pike bandwagon, but also loved L. J. Smith, Madeleine L'Engle, and many other authors. Now I'll still read some of those YA favorites and have acquired so many new favorites, as you can see from my library on LibraryThing. Being able to blog about the books I love (and a few I didn't, unfortunately) is just a bonus now!

Where Am I?

Online, that is... Here are some links where you can also find me. Some are book-related, others aren't.

Contact Me:

You can email me at melissas.bookshelf[at] I love to get emails and I try to respond to everyone I hear from!