Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Rating System

What good is a review web site without some kind of rating system? Taking a page (pun intended) from many of the book blogs out there, I'll be using the 5-star system. The beauty of this, however, is that I can use "half-stars!" Don't tell me that you've never gone to write a review wishing you could give a book (or movie, videogame or whatever) 4-1/2 stars instead of a perfect 5 or the 4 that just didn't quite do it justice. I'm a firm believer in half-stars. I suppose I could have made it a scale from 0 to 10, but where's the fun in that? I won't (well, I think I won't) go so far as to work with 1/4 and 3/4 stars, so indulge me with my half-stars on occasion. :-) So what does all this mean, exactly???

Here's my "key":

0 stars - In all likelihood, a book receiving this rating is poorly written, has a bad storyline, contains false information (in the case of nonfiction works) and just generally has no redeeming qualities. Admittedly, it's highly unlikely any books I read will receive this poor a rating. Likely those books will end up as DNF's.

1 starAgain, it's probably poorly written OR it could contain blatant falsehoods while still being able to capture interest.

2 starsThe story's just not that great. It's decently written but not attention-grabbing. Or, conversely, the story is interesting but the writing brings it down.

3 starsThis is a completely neutral rating. I could take or leave the book. It wasn't life-changing.

4 starsA great book, entertaining and easy to follow. Not perfect, likely has some noticeable flaws, but definitely enjoyable.

5 starsThe closest thing to perfect (in my mind).

You can fit the half-stars in how you will, I didn't see any point in adding them to the key above. You get the general idea, I'm sure. :-)

Please keep in mind that these ratings and reviews will obviously be highly subjective. I do welcome any kind of comments or discussion on my reviews, whether or not you agree with me.


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