Thursday, February 26, 2009

REVIEW: Term Limits by Vince Flynn

Term Limits cover Genre: Political Thriller
Pub Date: 1997, Pocket Books
Format: Mass Market paperback, 612 pages
Source/FTC Disclosure: I purchased my copy of this book. I was in no way compensated for this review and my opinions are my own.
In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking unltimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach--not even the president. A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will strike next. Only Michael O'Rourke, a former U.S. Marine and freshman congressman, holds a clue to the violence: a haunting incicdent in his own past with explosive implications for his country's future...


Term Limits is actually the first political thriller I've ever read. I have to admit that after a few pages into the book I immediately thought of Jack Bauer and 24. :-) (But it should be noted that we aren't dealing with foreign terrorism in this particular book.)

My sister-in-law introduced me to Vince Flynn after she received his latest novel as a Christmas present. After hearing what his subject matter was, and knowing how hooked on 24 I am, I thought I'd give Flynn a try and decided to start with his first novel. I was definitely not disappointed! While the storyline might be a little far-fetched, as the story unfolds you really start to wonder if something like this could ever happen in America. It's quite a hefty book, but I really had a hard time putting it down when I had to do other things... Flynn's writing is fast-paced and more than once I found my heart pounding as certain key events took place. If taken too seriously, it doesn't make you feel particularly good about our government or its many agencies and politicians, though there are (thankfully) a few exceptions. But in the context of a fictional work, I was really impressed with the level of detail provided, not to mention the fact that it was a fast-paced, attention-grabbing read for a 600+ page book. Oh, and just when you think the story's got to end, it gets interesting in a hurry... But that's all I'll say on that subject!

 5 stars


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