Monday, March 23, 2009

Musing Mondays (03.23.09)

So this is my first time participating in Musing Mondays, which is hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page. This post is coming to you thanks to the ability to set up auto-posts in advance with Blogger. And I have to thank Rebecca for posting this on Sunday so that I was able to go ahead and write my entry for Monday :-) See? I promised I wouldn't leave you totally high and dry while I was on vacation!

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookstores…

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

I really had to answer this question because I L-O-V-E bookstores. I also felt like it was a good time to make a confession: I'm a bit of a bookstore snob. For five years I worked for Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, which is a sister company to the B&N stores all of you are familiar with. Many of their newer stores have the look and feel of a B&N, but with the addition of school spirit apparel, textbooks, and everything else that's more unique to a college bookstore. So because of this, I am naturally partial to Barnes & Noble for my book-shopping. I just love the atmosphere, decor, and smells of a B&N. Borders and Books-A-Million just don't do it for me and never have.

That being said, I also love used bookstores! I love the opportunity to trade my books in for other well-worn books. Currently, I frequent Yawn's Bookstore in Canton, GA. They have a great little set-up for both new and used books and I was thrilled to discover it several weeks ago with my mom! They also have their own publishing company, which I thought was pretty cool! I haven't checked out any of those authors yet, but I plan to soon!

Great question for MUSING MONDAYS!!


  1. Welcome to MM. If I worked in a bookstore, I'd have to pay them at the end of the week instead of picking up a paycheck.

  2. I have to say that my favorite bookstores are used bookstores. For many reasons, not only financial. Very rarely do I visit regular chain stores as Borders or B&N

  3. We don't have B&N bookstores here in Canada. However I'd be like Beth, I'm sure I'd spend every cent of what I'd make. lol.


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