Monday, March 9, 2009

Mystery Mondays: For Discussion :-)

MysteryMondaysLogo OK, I'm cheating a little bit and moving up last week's question, since my readership has grown quite a bit since a week ago today. As you may know from previous Mystery Mondays posts, I'm a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, and while I'm often unsuccessful, I love trying to figure out who the culprit is in every story.

So, here's my "polling" question, that was first posted last Monday, but I'd love to generate more conversation...

Who is your favorite mystery author and why? And if you happen to not care for mysteries that much, why not--what is it about a mystery that turns you off?

Thanks for participating!


  1. I wish I had enough experience with the genre to fully participate. It has only been since October, 2008 that I have systematically selected mysteries as my "leisure reading" preference.

    Since that time I have tried, and enjoyed, Elizabeth George (Thomas Linley series), Anne Perry(both Thomas Pitt and William Monk), Laura Childs (the tea shop mysteries), Lorna Barret (the bookstore mysteries) and Stephanie Barron (the Jane Austen mysteries). I have just heard of Jacqueline Winspeare (Maisie Dobb) and will pick up the first of her series tonight from the library. I am anxious to read favorite mystery authors of other bloggers so that I can expand my horizons. Great topic idea!!

  2. I think you just added a few books to my TBR list! I'll have to check those authors out. Check back every Monday for either a review or a reader discussion question. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)


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