Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Out Sick" Today

Sick bug
Thank goodness for pre-posting my Georgette Heyer quotes or you probably wouldn't even have that today. I don't know what I've got, other than a sore throat and stuffy head. The only positive is that at least I've gotten some reading done, finally finishing up The Triumph of Deborah. I'll have to save the review for when I'm more clearheaded, though. But I've been enjoying reading everyone else's posts throughout the day while I've been laid up on the couch! Now I think it's time for a nap, no more typing...


  1. sorry you aren't feeling well. Rest up and feel better soon. Love the pic you used for this post. It got a chuckle out of me.

  2. I'm sorry too. I hope you feel better asap (=

  3. That flu is nasty. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. My family was sick last week and I've been sick this week. Yuck. Hope you feel better very soon!

    Since I always enjoy coming to your blog I've left you an award here


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