Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon (03.22.09)

Well, this week's Sunday Salon post will be (sort of) short and sweet. The hubby and I have been lounging in bed with the laptops this morning while his dad and stepmom sleep in, so naturally I've been trying to keep up with some blogging and blog-reading, though truth be told I should probably be reading a book!! :-) But it's nearly time to get up and get moving--we're going to an art festival today, which should be fun!

Here's my week in review...

I read and reviewed 4 books last week--not too bad since I had to go back to work and had a lot less reading time! In case you missed the reviews or would like to revisit them, here they are:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (the best book I've read so far in 2009!)

I also discovered some great new books, as you can see in my Friday Finds post.

And I just posted about some books received In My Mailbox this week.

And as I mentioned last Sunday, I've just started a mini-revamp of my blog this week... A new URL: and a new look! I liked my old template but I was ready for a change and wanted to go back to a three-column layout that was easier to read than it was on the old template. These are just the first (key) steps in my little blog improvement project that I'll be doing for the next few weeks/months. I've seen so many other blogs out there with great ideas and sites that are well-organized, so I'm trying to work on mine to make it as reader-friendly as possible :-) So naturally, if anyone has any feedback for me, it is always welcome!

I don't know how much reading I'll get done today, but I did bring several books to try to get to while we're here in Florida. It will just depend on how busy we stay while we're here--though I will have a trade show eating up a lot of my time Tuesday - Thursday. At this point, I am hoping to get 2 books read while we're here :-)


  1. I also enjoyed 'Appointment with Death' I love all her books,.

  2. I was surprised to find that I really liked Hunger Games. I'd expected it to read like a lot of other books set in a future world, but it was quite gripping.

  3. I am liking the new blog look. Easy to read and nice to look at too. Nice job!

  4. As I'm partial to review indexes, I'm going to suggest that :P But seriously, your blog is fabulous already. You're doing great.

  5. I hope you are having a nice visit with your in-laws. I always forget that I can take my laptop to bed with me. I barely remember I can take it into the living room with me sometimes. :-) You'd think I'd have gotten used to being able to move around since switching from desktop to laptop.

    I like the changes you have made to your blog, Melissa. It's fun to change things up now and then and find ways to improve.

    Enjoy the art festival and the rest of your week!


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