Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Geeks: A Quote A Day - Georgette Heyer #4


There are so many enjoyable Georgette Heyer Regencies... Regency Buck is another of my favorites. Who doesn't enjoy the exchanges between Judith Taverner and her guardian, Lord Worth?

Regency Buck cover
"You have a considerable fortune in your own right. More important than this is the fact that under your father's Will you are heiress to as much of your brother's property as is unentailed."

"Well?" said Judith.

"That being so," said Worth, shutting his snuff-box with a snap and restoring it to his pocket, "there is little likelihood of gaining my consent to your marriage with anyone whom I can at the moment call to mind."

"Except," said Miss Taverner through her teeth, "yourself!"

"Except, of course, myself," he agreed suavely.

"And do you suppose, Lord Worth, that there is any great likelihood of my marrying you?" inquired Judith in a sleek, deceptive voice.

He raised his brows. "Until I ask you to marry me, Miss Taverner, not in the least likelihood," he replied gently.

Men are so insufferable, aren't they? :-) And did anyone else notice that this cover is essentially the same as the one for These Old Shades?! I believe they were released by different publishers, however.

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  1. Believe it or not, but I have never read any of the Heyer's books. I'm getting a few for this summer and I'm looking forward to reading them.


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