Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Geeks: A Quote A Day - Georgette Heyer #6

Today's quote is from Black Sheep. I originally wanted to post even more from this conversation between Miles Calverleigh and Abigail Wendover, but it really would have been too much. But it's a great exchange... I settled on the last bit of it.

Black Sheep cover
"I should dearly love to kiss you--here and now!"

"W-well you can't!" said Abby, rocked off her balance.

"I know I can't--not here and now, at all events!"

"Ever!" she uttered, furiously aware of flaming cheeks.

"Oh that is quite another matter! Do you care to wager a small sum on the chance?"

Making a desperate recovery, she said: "No! I never bet on certainties!"

He laughed. "You know, you are a darling!" he said, completing her confusion.

"Well, what you are is a--a--"

"Hedge-bird?" he suggested helpfully, as she stopped, at a loss for words opprobrious enough to describe him. "Gullcatcher? Bermondsey boy? Rudesby? Queer Nabs?"

You've got to love the phrases that Georgette Heyer used--all meticulously researched, of course.


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