Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Geeks: A Quote A Day - Georgette Heyer #7

Well, sadly we've come to my last daily Georgette Heyer Quote. This one is from Friday's Child, and is an exchange between Hero Wantage (Sherry's wife) and Gil Ringwood, one of Sherry's friends. Hero is an unworldly girl, and she and Lord Sheringham were married on a whim of his after he was turned down by the woman he thought he loved. To give you a bit of the context of this particular selection, Hero had just asked Sherry (in mixed company at the opera) if one of the dancers on stage was his opera-dancer.

Friday's Child cover
"It isn't Sherry's fault!" Hero said, firing up in defence of her free-spoken husband. "He is forever telling me what I must not say! The thing is that I don't perfectly remember what I may say, and what I may not. I dare say I ought not to call that dancer a fancy-piece either?"

"Upon no account in the world!" Mr. Ringwood said emphatically.

"Well, I must say I think it is very hard. What may I call her, Gil?"

"Nothing at all! Ladies know nothing of such things."

"Yes, they do. Why, it was my cousin Cassy who first told me about Sherry's opera-dancer, so that just shows how mistaken you are!"

"Well, they pretend they do not, at all events!" said Mr. Ringwood desperately.

"Oh, do they? But Sherry told me himself that everyone has an opera-dancer, or something of the sort, and there is nothing to it. Gil, have you--"

"No!" said Mr. Ringwood, with more haste than civility.

"Oh!" said Hero, digesting this. She raised his eyes to his face and heaved a tiny sigh. "I am not a prude, Gil." 

"No," agreed Mr. Ringwood feelingly.

Oh, poor Hero and her many mishaps and slips of the tongue. It's a delight to watch her marriage to Sherry unfold as the story continues.


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