Monday, April 13, 2009

Mystery Mondays: Poll

MysteryMondaysLogoUPDATE (4.13.09) - OK, I've decided to leave this poll up for one more week... I've only received 6 entries so far and I'd really like a better representation before posting any results.... I know there are more of you who read mysteries out there, so please take a few seconds and submit your answer :-)

(4.06.09) - This week I didn't have a review ready for Mystery Mondays, a first for me. Next week I should be back in the reviewing game, however!

Instead, this week I wanted to try my hand with a poll, using a handy submission form from It's a great site for creating your own forms to use, check it out!

The question is simple and the form will be available all week in my right-hand sidebar...


Poll Closes Sunday, April 12th at midnight. Thanks for participating!


  1. I don't really read my mysteries. I am more into thrillers.

  2. I am stumped. I can't think of one. I don't really read thrillers. I can't wait to see what your poll comes up with so I can add some names to my list.

  3. I posted a vote, but here's the problem. I have trouble distinguishing among several categories, i.e.: mystery, crime, and thriller. And then there are the "cozy mystery" writers - should they be in the same category as the serial killer books? I think that's why it is hard for people to vote! I would love some guidelines!!!

  4. rhapsodyinbooks ~ you raise a good point, and one that I was originally going to try and solve by listing possible choices but then I felt like I would be limiting the list, though I could have had an "other" option. At the time, I didn't know about a better site to use for polls and quizzes, so I wasn't able to set up the quiz where you could type in an "other" option. Future quizzes should have better guidelines now that I have a better feel for what I'm doing and a better site to work with.

    Thank you for voting!!


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