Saturday, April 18, 2009

#readathon: A Whole New Respect for Cheerleading...

Readathon Cheerleader buttonWho says cheerleading is easy? Lol :-) I think I ended up getting a *little* obsessed (in a good way, I suppose) with this whole cheerleading for the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon... I've really enjoyed stopping by everyone's blog to leave a comment. And I think I did hit just about everyone participating--if I missed you, I sincerely apologize because it was my honest intention to visit every reader out there. I can't imagine how you guys must be feeling by now, we're nearly halfway through the day!!

I guess I've really spent most of the day commenting, though my official scheduled times were 8am-11am this morning, 10pm-11pm tonight, and 7am-8am tomorrow... It's just so hard to stop when there are so many people out there to cheer on :-) I've also been doing a lot of tweeting with all of you, too! Of course, in between all of my Read-A-Thon activities the hubby and I were working with our meat smoker, trying our hand at a pork butt today. At the moment, I feel like I smell like a charcoal briquette but it's worth it--our pulled pork was AWESOME, especially for our first time trying it ourselves!

But back to the Read-a-thon... One of the best things about being a cheerleader? Finding new blogs to follow!! Since I haven't been in the book-blogging community for too long (just realized today's my 2-month anniversary!) I know there are a jillion blogs out there just waiting for me to find them... Today I added 30... yes, 30!!! to my subscription list and blogroll. I'd like to take this moment to share with you those "new-to-me" blogs:


What new blogs did you find today?!

Now If only I could find the time to finish the last few minutes of Deadly Exchange so that I can write that review!!


  1. Yes, cheerleading has definitely been fun! I think I was a little obsessed, too - I was scheduled from 4-6 pm, and I've just now made it around to everyone, at a little after 8. I'm thinking about doing it again early tomorrow morning - but we'll see if I make it up in the morning. I'm happy to have discovered YOUR blog today - it's a great thing to meet new friends. =)

  2. You've been a great cheerleader and it's really appreciated. It's always nice to see your name and get that encouragement. I'll have to come back tomorrow and check out those blogs-there's a few I haven't seen either.

  3. Thank you so much for the cheer, Melissa!

  4. Thanks for being a cheerleader. You rock! I'm also impressed that you managed to hit every reader's blog. That's a lot of reader love you've spread around. Thanks.

  5. This has been one of the best parts of the read-a-thons...meeting new book bloggers. Thank you for being a guys have been a great source of encouragement.

  6. Thanks for all your hard work and sweet comments on my blog today--they brought a smile to my face. I think cheering is harder than reading! ;)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by to cheer my on! :)

  8. Thanks so much for cheering me on. You did a great job supporting and encouraging.

  9. You are an AWESOME cheerleader!

    Thanks for having a couple of bites of pork butt for me -- it was delicious :)

    I will be back later to check out all these great new blogging sites!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, everyone! I had so much fun cheering you all on, I really enjoyed my first readathon! (or #readathon in Twitterland, lol). I can't wait to be a reader for the next one!

  11. Thank you for cheerleading! I know all the readers appreciate it.

    I'm so glad to see my blog on your list! In fact I was so excited I had to jump out of my chair and tell my boyfriend somebody liked my blog. :)

    I definitely added a ton of book blogs to Google Reader. There are so many great book blogs out there!

  12. Thanks for being a cheerleader for the readathon! This was my first readathon and I have to tell you I was impressed by the number of books my fellow bloggers consumed! I didn't read as much as I had hoped to, but there is always October, right? :)

    Isn't it nice to find great new blogs? I have found several myself from the readathon. My Google Reader is heavy with book blogs. So much so I have trouble keeping up with all of the posts and commenting as much as I want to!

    Do you think you will be a reader or cheerleader in October's readathon?

  13. There are some really great blogs out there. As a reader I didn't get to visit very many. Perhaps next time I will be a cheerleader. :)

    Thanks for ding such a great job of cheering everyone on.

  14. Thank you so much for being a cheerleader. I greatly appreciate it. I like your list - you discovered some great bloggers. I've been to quite a few but I'll have to check out the rest.

  15. Thanks for being a cheerleader and finding my blog! :D

  16. Melissa, you did a great job as a cheerleader. I can't believe you made it to every blog, that's amazing! I had such a great time, and, yes, added new blogs to my reader because I found myself Tweeting with other Readathon participants whose blogs I'd never read before.

  17. So many of those blogs are ones that I really look forward to seeing new posts for in my reader. I love that the readathon was able to bring so many readers together. I had fun cheerleading unofficially and am looking forward to participating as a reader next time.

  18. Thanks for cheerleading so well! I'm still adding blogs from the weekend and you've just given me a whole other list to go through. See you in October!

  19. Thanks so much for visiting my blog during the read-a-thon! Cheerleaders are awesome! I'm thinking of cheering next time, it looks like a ton of fun and I'm envious of all the new blogs you get to discover :)


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