Monday, May 25, 2009

Mystery Mondays: Your Recommendations

MysteryMondaysLogoWelcome to Mystery Mondays! (And Happy Memorial Day!) Sadly, I have no review prepared for today, I have barely even gotten any reading done this weekend, which is rather pathetic given that it's a three-day weekend! I guess I shouldn't complain too much because I've been productive in other ways. I am hoping to be able to devote a nice block of time to reading today, however.

Anyway, I thought I would let today be another opportunity for a bit of a poll question/discussion. Please leave your responses in the comments below...

This week's question:

What mystery book or series (this can include suspense/thrillers or other genres that also have the element of mystery) would you recommend to a mystery newbie and why? Does that differ from what you would tell a seasoned mystery-lover to try? If so, what are your recommendations for them?

I'll be interested to see the responses... I know several people out there haven't read mysteries as much, and the answers might tempt them to, and I am always looking for new mystery authors to read. Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. Oh, but what kind of mystery? I would need to find out if the new-to-mystery reader was someone who would prefer something light, something funny, with a twist of paranormal, a taste of romance, something to turn the knuckles white, a puzzle to solve, or perhaps a good ol' hard boiled novel. And that's just for starters!

    I am a huge mystery lover and could probably recommend something for every taste just about.

    I'd probably start by recommending some of my favorites once I've established which direction the reader wants to go. Michael Connelly, Jim Butcher, Karen E. Olson, Anne George, Adrian Hyland, Sue Grafton, Charlaine Harris, and that's just for starters.

  2. I'm a mystery newbie myself, so I'll keep an eye on the comments and take notes!

  3. It definitely depends on the books they like to read now. For a fan of literary fiction, I'd recommend Laura Lippman, Kate Atkinson, and Tana French. These are some of my favorites.

  4. Literary Feline ~ You bring up a good point, and I agree, it probably depends on the person's current tastes in reading, though not always.

    Nymeth ~ Hope you find some new authors to try out!

    Lenore ~ I haven't read any of those, but I will definitely look into them. Thanks for your suggestions, particularly in relation to lit fic.

    So this is great, I definitely appreciate the suggestions that may tend toward readers of a particular genre more than others. keep them coming!

  5. I am not a hard-core mystery fan, but have read some I enjoy. James Patterson rocks. I love The Women's Murder Club series and Alex Cross is good, too. Beach House is one of my favorite books! I also like John Grisham (although legal thrillers have to be spaced out for me), The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver, and I am looking for Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi in the mail from BookMooch.

    A book I didn't like was Congo by Michael Crichton. Couldn't get into it. I also couldn't get into The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, although most people seem to like it. Or is that more in the horror genre?

  6. I used to read mystery type books when I was a teenager until I couldn't fall asleep at night! (maybe they were more suspense than mystery). I keep seeing Sue Grafton's name, though--maybe I should check her out.

  7. I get asked this questio quite often at the library. First I like to know if there's one they've already read that they enjoyed. That gives me a sense of what they might like. Hard boiled, suspense, cozy, violence, no violence, series, British, American, female or male protagonist, light hearted, historical....and I can usually come up with something!

  8. I know I enjoy a good mystery once I pick it up and actually read it, but it isn't generally my genre of choice. :)

    ~ Wendi

  9. For a good "book" related mystery series, the Cliff Janeway Novels are really good. The first is called Booked to Die. I really liked it!!

    Patterson is ok. His first books were so good, but he seems to have gotten into that rut. Everything is formulaic. Bleah.

    Sue Grafton is good too. And Janet Evanovich still makes me laugh!

  10. Hoo this ever up my alley! I have to agree with Wendy--I'd like to know a little something about the reader's current preferences before suggesting something because there are so many different types of mysteries.

    I also agree with Lenore's lit fic choices of Lippman, Atkinson and French.

    Stephanie's choice of John Dunning's Janeway mysteries is excellent. (You also get the perk of learning something about the market in first editions, etc.

    If a person loves learning about other cultures, there are excellent books like Adrian Hyland's Moonlight Downs (Australia), Michael Stanley's A Carrion Death (Botswana), Sujata Massey's series set in Japan.

    Deborah Crombie's series set in England is marvelous for both plot and characterization.

    Those who like a bit of archaeology with their mystery may like Kate Ellis' series set in England, or the American author Dana Cameron's series.

    Janet Evanovich for those who love a good laugh or two.

    Nevada Barr for those who like the great outdoors.

    I could keep going on and on and on!


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