Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Challenge - Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen Challenge Button1Well, after reading and loving Just Listen, I decided I ought to participate in the Sarah Dessen Challenge, which is hosted at Em's Bookshelf! I haven't committed myself to very many challenges this year because I know my limits and capabilities, but I thought I could handle this one.

You see, I really like Em's rules for this challenge. All I need to do is read all 9 of Dessen's books in my own time frame. Knowing what my reading pile looks like, I decided to just read all of them by the end of 2009. I've helped myself along (and made it easy on my wallet) by purchasing 4 more of Dessen's books at bargain prices at You might check it out if you're interested in her books!

So here's my list where I will update my progress:

1. Just Listen (completed 6/10/09)
2. That Summer (completed 6/19/09)
3. Keeping The Moon (completed 7/17/09)
4. Dreamland (completed 8/29/09)
5. The Truth About Forever (completed 12/31/09)
9. (to be completed by 12/31/09)


  1. Good luck with the challenge ^^

  2. Good luck with this challenge. I have not heard of this author. I shall have to look her up.

  3. Good luck! This sounds like fun! Since I read your review of Just Listen and loved it, I am going to participate as well. :)

  4. Good luck! It should be an easy one since Dessen books rock!

  5. Oh fun, I'm glad you're joining in! :)

  6. ooh, i might join in on this challenge. I own two of her books but I haven't read any yet.

  7. OH! And I forgot, you got an award on my blog!

  8. Oh my heavens, I adore Sarah Dessen. I only have "Keeping the Moon" left to read.


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