Monday, June 1, 2009

Month In Review: May '09

Well, I've probably had the best reading month I've ever had in my entire life! Of course, I can't prove this because I never tracked my reading until starting this blog. :-) But I read 20 books in May!! I reviewed 19 of those, with the last review coming up tomorrow. In case you'd like to visit (or revisit) them, here are links to my May reviews:

Star Ratings Summary
5 stars: 8
4-1/2 stars: 3
4 stars: 7
1 star: 1

Wow! Clearly, not only did I have a good month in terms of the number of books, but also the quality of books (with one exception, of course). Of course, this makes my next section that much more difficult...

May's Top Picks

...Or maybe not. Because I'm going to take the easy way out and just name all eight of my five-star books as this month's picks!

Willow book cover Fragile Eternity book cover Murder in Mesopotamia book cover
Poison Study book cover Magic Study book cover
Shadow Kiss book cover Treasure Island book cover Foundling book cover

I am also now over halfway through with the 100+ Reading Challenge, at 55 books completed! And by reading Treasure Island, I finally put a dent in the Classics Challenge! I am almost two thirds of the way done with the Pages Read challenge goal of 30,000 pages that I had set for myself, so obviously I underestimated my capabilities there. I'll be curious to see how the year winds up at this rate!

I did some more blog tweaking to try to make it load better, hopefully everyone is experiencing faster load times and a little less clutter. Hooray for scrolling lists! And I recently discovered how to make a marquee list in Blogger, so I'll probably add that link to my Blogger Tips & Tricks Links post. It's not there yet, because I need to re-find it, but check back soon! And yes, there's a post all about how to make scrolling blogrolls and lists in Blogger, so be sure to check out my Blogger Tips & Tricks series :-)

So that was my May. Lots of great reading and continuing blog improvement! (Not to mention our first wedding anniversary on May 17th, which many of you have already seen the posts about!)

What about you? Did you have a good month of May?


  1. Wow ... what an impressive reading month! This is wonderful!

  2. Very awesome! And how great to not only have good numbers but excellent books too!

  3. Wow Melissa! Very impressive. I don't think I could read 20 books even if I tried really hard. lol.

  4. That is an impressive list of books for one month. Here I am having trouble getting through one. Ha ha, I spend too much time on the internet. I was trying to cut back, but today it was too strong a pull.

  5. WOW. You might just be my new hero!! I've barely read 20 books this YEAR!! I know there is no way, I'll break 100, but I love just trying! My goal is actually 75, but I'm super far behind already!

    I love your list too! You seem to have really similar taste in books. I have a bad feeling that if I keep coming over here, I'm going to add way too many books to my TBR list (which by the way has life all it's own!)

  6. Wow - what a fabulous reading month. How did you manage to read so many? I am very impressed. I just about managed 12 books.

  7. I learn so much from you Melissa. I've never thought of doing a month in review. It would open my eyes a little wider into my reading. I'm glad to see Willow, Fragile Eternity, and Poison Study in your top 8.

    OK - scrolling rock!

  8. You had a great reading month! I'm glad to see a few of my wishlist books with a 5 star rating from you. I've really been meaning to try something by Richelle Mead in particular.

    Here's hoping June is just as fantastic!

    - Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

  9. You really did have a great reading month! Congrats! :)

  10. I just started reading Mead and Marr books and am enjoying them. I heard that Maria Snyder books are fantastic as well. Congrats on all the reading you did this month.

  11. Wow what a great reading month!!! Good Job =)

  12. Thanks for stopping by, everyone, the encouragement is much appreciated! Not sure yet how June will shape up, but I have a feeling July will be a good month, as I will be jobless (not paycheck-less, thankfully) for 4-5 weeks. (I'm very fortunate to have my next job in the works *sigh of relief*) So, I'll be very curious to see how much reading I get done then!!


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