Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009-23: Reading Challenges

WeeklyGeeksThis week's Weekly Geeks topic was suggested by Sheri of A Novel Menagerie. She writes:

"Reading Challenges: a help or a hurt? Do you find that the reading challenges keep you organized and goal-oriented? Or, do you find that as you near the end of a challenge that you've failed because you fell short of your original goals? As a result of some reading challenges, I've picked up books that I would have otherwise never heard of or picked up; that, frankly, I have loved. Have you experienced the same with challenges? If so, which ones? Do you have favorite reading challenges?"

As we pass the halfway point of 2009, how are you doing with your reading challenges? Did you participate in any challenges this year?

Well, as most of you probably know, I'm not too big on reading challenges, mostly because I know my limitations and if I were to enter too many challenges, I'd probably fail miserably. So far, in 2009 I am signed up for 4 challenges, and now is the perfect opportunity to update you on all of them :-) You can always use the Reading Challenges button in my header to see how I'm doing, too!

The first challenge I joined this year was the 100+ Reading Challenge hosted at J. Kaye's Book Blog. I figured that I could handle reading 100 book in a year, and so far I have read 65 books! So I'm well on my way to finishing this challenge with not even half the year gone.

I also decided to join the Classics Challenge, which is hosted at Trish's Reading Nook. That seems to be the challenge I'm having the most trouble with. I did read one book earlier in the year, but subsequently realized that I had read it before the challenge actually started. I have since read another book, but still have five more to go before October's out. I'm hoping to catch up on this challenge with my five weeks off between jobs this summer!

The Pages Read Challenge is another one that I knew I should be able to complete--it is hosted at Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic. I have a feeling I will blow my initial estimate of 30,000 pages out of the water given that I've already read over 22,000 pages, but it will give me a good idea for what to plan for next year.

The most recent challenge I joined was the Sarah Dessen Challenge, which is hosted at Em's Bookshelf. After reading and enjoying Just Listen, I decided that reading 8 more books by Dessen by the end of the year (my own time frame) was easily manageable. I just completed my second Dessen book (That Summer) and look forward to reading another one soon!

So far, as this is the first year of my blog, I haven't failed any reading challenges, but I do feel a certain pressure with the one I am most behind in. Of the two challenges, the Classics Challenge and Sarah Dessen Challenge are the two that will likely be responsible for me reading books I might not have tried otherwise. And so far, I've liked what I read! In general, because I am realistic about them and pick and choose which challenges to join, they are a help to me, rather than a hurt. And even if I were to fail a challenge, I don't think I would beat myself up too much--there's always the next year or the next challenge!

So how about you? Having much luck with reading challenges this year?


  1. I just joined my first challenge - it was something I was previously interested in, anyways, so I plan on completing it without too much difficulty. Might keep me on track to get them finished before others sitting in my pile though!

  2. The Classics Challenge always seems to be toughest for me. I want to read more classics, but I never can seem to read them in the April to October time frame.

  3. I finished one challenge and am almost done with another. The WWII challenge is the one I really need to work on. Good luck on finishing your challenges.

  4. I joined a challenge when I started my book blog a while back, but abandoned it quickly. My personality is such that if I set a goal, I immediately do everything I can NOT to meet it. Self-sabotage seems to be something I am rather skilled at :-). I like reading the lists that people put together for these challenges, though, because they introduce me to books I've never heard of.

  5. I'm currently involved in 4 or 5 challenges this year as well, but I'm doing horribly. I figure it's all in fun anyway, right? In terms of the classics challenge, technically you only need to read 4 (I think). I'm not holding anyone to their lists or committments. :) As someone said--there isn't a challenge police (thank goodness!!)


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