Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Blog Button!

Melissa's Bookshelf

Well, due to the response that is overwhelmingly in favor of the button with the Reading Girl, and the fact that I've convinced myself this is the way to go, I have officially changed my blog button!! (I know, the poll was originally open until Friday, but I was ready to go ahead and make the switch!)

And don't worry, if you've got my button on your blog already, there's no need to change it--I uploaded the new button with the same name as the old button, so your sites should update automatically :-D

Of course, there was a bit of debate over WHICH reading girl button, and I chose the "cleaner" one, with my site name at the top. I just felt like the other one had too much going on for a grab button and my site name got lost in the mix.

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on this little debate, I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and enthusiasm!!

Oh, and if you haven't done this already, why not grab my button using the code in this post (or in my right sidebar) and add it to your web site? :-) Thanks in advance!!


  1. I missed the debate in during my unofficial blog absence but I love the one you picked. Especially love the little kitty. I would have no idea how to even make a button!!


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