Thursday, July 23, 2009

Review: The Summoning

The Summoning coverTitle: The Summoning
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Pub Date: July 2008, HarperCollins
Trade Paperback, 390 pages


She sees dead people--and they see her.

Chloe Saunders used to have a pretty normal life. But that changed on the day she met her first ghost. Locked up in Lyle House, a group home for troubled teens, she finds out that there's more to the home's teen residents than meets the eye. Will Chloe be able to uncover the dangerous secrets of Lyle House... or will its skeletons come back to haunt her?

My Thoughts

I'm going to be honest here. I did not really get into this book until the last third of it or so. The rest of it just didn't hold my attention for some reason. However, that last third was so good that I am determined to continue reading this series.

There are several things I appreciated about this story--its premise, the focus away from the usual vampires and fairies while still being paranormal, the dynamic between the "troubled teens" and the Lyle House employees... At the same time, I found it rather unbelievable that Chloe would not realize or would simply deny that she was seeing ghosts, when it was pretty obvious what was going on. Overall, the characters could have used a bit more development, though obviously some were fleshed out more than others (Chloe and Derek, for example). The writing is generally good, though at times I found myself wishing it was more descriptive and captivating.

What really saved this book for me, though, was a big plot twist towards the end. Honestly, I never get tired of them although I know some people do. And with The Summoning, I really didn't see it coming. By the way, I should mention that I regret not having The Awakening right here to start, as the first book does end with quite the cliffhanger. All-in-all it was a pretty good read (not great, for me) but I see a lot of potential and I hope to pick up the story again soon with the second book. One other random note: I really love the cover of this book!

My rating: 3 stars

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  1. I thought this was a bit of a slow starter too, but I did enjoy it. I'll link your review from mine.

  2. It was okay but I didn't like that the book finished mid thought, and I am an Armstrong fan.

  3. I felt exactly the same way - slow, slow, slow, and then BAM WHY DON'T I HAVE THE SEQUEL?!

  4. That plot twist was a real twister, wasn't it. I am desperate to read the second one now as I just didn't see that coming.

  5. In my opinion, the second one is better than the first. Especially since it has more Chloe x Derek.

    Thanks for the linkage. :]

  6. I just got this book not long ago. I hope I like it!


  7. This book won't hold my attention! You have lot of patience girl!

  8. I know. I read this last year and I was not as big a fan as others. It took me a long time to get interested in the story. As a result, I didn't rush out get the second book. I decided the other day to get it from the library, though, so I am on the waiting list currently.

  9. I liked it, but I listened to the audiobook, which I did review...


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