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TLC Book Tour: Review : Time Of My Life

Time of My Life coverTitle: Time of My Life
Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Genre: Fiction
Pub Date: 2008, Three Rivers Press
Trade Paperback, 283 pages
Source: Books on the Brain, for the TLC Book Tour


Jillian Westfield has a life straight out of the women’s magazines she obsessively reads. She’s got the modern-print rugs of Metropolitan Home, the elegant meals from Gourmet, and the clutter-free closets out of Real Simple. With her investment-banker husband behind the wheel and her cherubic eighteen-month-old in the backseat, hers could be the family in the magazines’ Range Rover ads.

Yet somehow all of the how-to magazine stories in the world can’t seem to fix her faltering marriage or stop her from asking "What if?"

Then one morning Jillian wakes up seven years in the past. She’s back in her Manhattan apartment. She’s back in her fast-paced job. And she’s still with Jackson, the ex-boyfriend, and star of her what-if fantasies.

Armed with twenty-twenty hindsight, she’s free to choose all over again. She can reconnect to the mother who abandoned her, she can use ad campaigns from her future to wow her clients, and she can fix the fights that doomed her relationship with Jackson.

Or can she?

My Thoughts

I would imagine that we've all had the thought... What would happen if I could go back in time and do things differently? What would my life be like today? Well in this story, Jillian is given just that opportunity. She can change her love life, her career, her non-existent relationship with her mother... The possibilities are seemingly endless and Jillian's head swirls with them all.

Allison Winn Scotch has written an intriguing story about Jillian's experience with a second chance at her life. It truly was fascinating to read about the changes she decides to make to see if she can take her life in a different direction. Scotch masterfully weaves the intricate details as Jillian's new decisions begin to effect subtle changes in not only her own life, but the lives of those around her. Suddenly Jillian knows less and less what to expect as events unfold--she can no longer rely solely on her memories of what had transpired in her first go-around.

I don't really want to give away too much of the plot for those of you who haven't read this book yet. Suffice it to say that things may not always turn out like you expect or hope. And naturally the changes Jillian has made will have a long-lasting effect on the outcome of the rest of her life. Well-written and thought-provoking, Scotch's story is sure to resonate with women who have had second thoughts about their choices in life. Overall, I really enjoyed Time of My Life and look forward to reading more by Scotch in the future.

My rating: 4 stars

About the Author

Allison Winn Scotch is a frequent contributor to numerous magazines and websites including American Baby, American Way, Bride's, Cooking Light, Family Circle, Fitness, Glamour, InStyle Weddings, Lifetime Television, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Parents, Prevention, Redbook, Self, Shape, Stuff, USA Weekend, Woman's Day, Women's Health,,, and

She is also the author of the novel, The Department of Lost and Found. Allison lives in New York with her husband and their son and daughter.

Visit her blog, "Ask Allison," at

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  1. Great review...

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  2. Oh, dear, THIS concept! I love it. I have such a habit of sinking in to the "what ifs" even though I adore my life. I think we face so many choices, daily, that it's hard not to think "Well what about that time where I DIDN'T do x, y, or z..."

  3. Glad you're on the tour with me! :) I'm looking forward to reading this. I haven't read a book like this that I can remember - and the cover is so enticing. Great review!

  4. This sounds like a really interesting book. I like the concept.

  5. Now, this sounds very interesting. Thanks for the review! :)

    Btw, I have an award for you here:

  6. Now this is up my alley.Id love to read this, when I get time thats exactly what im going to do.The next "have to read on" my list.Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Melissa, thanks for the lovely review! I love the premise of the book. I've often wondered "what if".. what if I'd married the other guy, what if we'd moved back east, what if I'd taken a different job, had kids sooner, etc. etc. All of those things would have changed who I am, who my friends are, who my family is, etc. so while it's fun to occasionally daydream, it's not something I'd ever really want to find out!

    Thanks for the time and effort that went into reading and reviewing this book for TLC!

  8. This is a new author for me. Her book sounds wonderful! I, too, am notorious for thinking "what if..." LOL

    Thank you for the great review, and for a chance to win!

    ~ Lori


  9. The idea is so interesting and I've read so many positive reviews that I've added it to my list. And how could I not love that cover?!

  10. Your review makes me really interested in this one!! It's a fascinating concept, and it sounds as though the story raises a lot of good questions. Another one to add to my, "to read" list : ).

  11. Great review. I have myself wondered MANY times... wht it would be to go back change something in your past!

  12. Nice review Melissa. I really enjoyed this one. I know I've asked myself 'what if' many times.

  13. We seem to have similar thoughts on this book. It was a fun read that really got me thinking.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  14. I really try to live my life the way i want to so that i don't have any regrets. I have a firm believe that everything that happens in our life is for a reason. Therefore, I try to learn lessons from all the things i do in my life. Also, 2 years ago I was living in Singapore which was a truly fabulous experience and decision for me. I wouldn't change it because if I did, I wouldn't be where I am today.

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