Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: Spotlighting Favorite Blogs!

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week, everyone! Today's BBAW-suggested topic is spotlighting those blogs that didn't make it to the shortlist of nominations... What a great idea! So I thought I would share five of my many favorite blogs with all of you. I hope you'll visit them and that they become some of your favorite sites, too! (If they aren't already, that is...)

Ink and Paper ~ Jo has done a fabulous job with her blog. It's not only beautiful, but a wonderful resource for readers who enjoy the fantasy and paranormal genres. I look forward to her reviews, knowing I'll probably be adding another book to my TBR list. Jo also runs a really cool feature called Belle's Library, showing us pictures of amazing libraries around the world. Oh, and not to mention she's just a really sweet person, in general! So pop on over and check out her awesome blog!

Reverie Book Reviews ~ I've had the pleasure to meet Vania, the extremely talented mind behind this blog. She writes great, detailed reviews, has made me add ridiculously many books to my TBR list, and is an incredibly talented photographer on top of it all! She has a separate site devoted to her photography and I urge you all to check it out, as well: Vania's Life Captures.

Queen of Happy Endings ~ Alaine's blog quickly became one of my favorites when I ran across it earlier this year. She reads a wide variety of books across several genres and I know I can trust her recommendations. I'm happy to call Alaine a blogging buddy and hope you all will take this chance to visit her awesome site!

A Patchwork of Books ~ Amanda is the sweetheart behind this awesome blog. She reads a lot of YA, MG, and children's books, along with some adult fiction sprinkled in--a great variety! I always enjoy reading reviews from bloggers who are also librarians--they have access to some great reads and Amanda provides a great perspective on them, so be sure to visit her blog!

{Insert Book Title Here} ~ Christina's blog is a great resource for YA reads. I enjoy her reviews and always look forward to what she is reading and reviewing next. If you need some ideas for your next YA read, I highly recommend checking out this blog!

So there you have it, everyone. Five of my favorite blogs that didn't make the shortlist for BBAW. These bloggers all work hard to make their blogs awesome and fun to read, so I think the deserve some recognition for all their efforts! Happy Reading!


  1. Great list! There are ones I hadn't heard of.

  2. Great line up of book blogs, Melissa! I love Alaine's whimsical blog. The others are new to me. I must be living under a rock!

    I also want you to know that I love your blog so much. It's beautiful and it makes me happy. I am looking forward to what's coming next year.

  3. Chris ~ hope you've found some new favorites!

    Bluestocking ~ great list!

    Literate Housewife/Jennifer ~ Thank you so much for your kind words... I love your blog, too! I hope you find some new blogs to love from my list!

  4. Great list, Melissa! I need to check some of those blogs! :)

  5. So many blogs today that I don't recognize! Thanks for sharing this list with us, Melissa. I know Alaine, but will have to check out the others.

  6. You totally just made me blush!!! You're so sweet!! Glad I have rec some books your way! <3

    BTW let's get together for coffee soon! :D

  7. Ooo! Several new-to-me blogs to check out! And a couple I am more familiar with. Great list, Melissa!

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  9. What a great List, with some I will get to experience for the first time. Happy BBAW!

  10. Sounds like a pretty awesome list! I'd love to check their blogs out. I always enjoy reading book reviews and finding out what's good to read :) Belle's Library seems like a really cool feature of Ink and Paper. I can't imagine all those shelves and stacks of books just waiting to be read! A feast for the eyes!


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