Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sunday Salon (05.27.12): What do you like to read?

The Sunday Salon.comA couple of weeks ago I talked about reviews and asked all of you how you approached your reviews.  I received a lot of interesting comments and really appreciated the feedback and "discussion."

With my most recent read, I've started thinking about what kinds of books I enjoy reading and subsequently reviewing on this blog.  I'm sure you all are aware that the VAST majority of books I read are fiction, and more specifically, they are primarily YA, historical/Christian fiction, and mysteries.  Well, my current read is none of those.  I was lucky enough to receive a finished copy of Starting and Closing by John Smoltz from The William Morrow Marketing Group with Harper Collins.  As a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, I was interested to read more about Smoltz's career from his perspective, not to mention I knew my husband and father would likely be interested in this title, as well.

So in the past week, I dutifully began to read this book, knowing that it would also be a different kind of review for this blog.  Happily, it's an interesting read and Smoltz's personality shines through a lot in the pages.  However... I simply can't get "into" this book -- you know, just sit down and read it, or devour it, the way I do YA and other fiction in general.  And as I realized this was the case, I started thinking back to other nonfiction I have read.  I do own a handful of nonfiction books -- most of them biographical or political in nature.  And looking back, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it has always been this way with nonfiction for me.  It could be some of the most interesting subject matter possible, but I still take so much longer to read a work of nonfiction than any piece of fiction I've ever picked up.

My theory on this is pretty simple and not in the least revolutionary or groundbreaking.  I simply enjoy escapist reads.  That is what fiction does for me -- it provides an escape from the real world, chores, responsibilities, troubles, you name it.  And it's not as if my real world is any horrible place -- far from it, in fact.  But for me, there is something so exciting and ultimately satisfying about getting lost in a new world with new people for a few hours.  And I suspect that is why, if I actually had the time to do so, I could sit down with a work of fiction -- particularly in my favorite genres, and read the entire book in one sitting.  Of course, the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is nonexistent, but I still tend to devour those books much more quickly in the same amount of time.

What about you?  What makes you "tick" when it comes to a book?  Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction? What genres do you gravitate towards?

As for me, I will probably continue to stick with my favorite fiction and try to throw in some nonfiction here and there for good measure.  And now it's time to continue working on my current nonfiction read so I can provide my review sometime in the near future.  I hope you all are enjoying the weekend -- particularly for those of us who have a long holiday weekend!

As always, happy reading... whatever you happen to like reading! :-)


  1. I like all types of books, but I do notice that it typically takes me longer to read nonfiction than fiction, for whatever reason. It is fun to read outside your comfort zone!

  2. I read to escape too, but I do love a good memoir.

  3. I love escapist reads, but I have read a few non-fiction reads that read like fiction. William Styron's book, Visible Darkness, and another great read called The Power of Habit.

  4. I love fiction. I'm not one for non-fiction at all but this past year I have found myself really enjoying memoirs, especially travel ones. Like for most people, reading is a way to escape and I find fiction fits that the best.

  5. I mostly prefer fiction and though I dip in and out of various genres, I always come back to literary fiction. I try to branch out but that's just where my heart is!


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