Thursday, March 7, 2013

Booking Through Thursday: The Time Change

Here's this week's topic of discussion:
Clocks change this weekend here in the US, which means one less hour to read … does anybody else begrudge that hour like I do? Wish the Powers That Be would just pick a time-frame and stick to it instead of inflicting clock-driven jet lag on an innocent public twice a year?

(Yeah, so not a question so much about reading … except, of course, you do need to use your electric light to be able to read, so the hour it gets dark IS relevant!)

You know, it's a funny thing about the time change... Before I had a child, I honestly didn't care that much about it. Losing the extra hour in the Spring wasn't my favorite, though I did love gaining the hour in the Fall (and still do).

Since Laura was born, though, the time change has had more of an effect on our lives. I am never quite sure how Laura will fare and how long it will take to work her way back into her usual sleeping pattern. I am hopeful that with "springing forward," she won't feel the effects too much and that we'll be able to get her back into her normal sleep schedule pretty quickly. Somehow it seems more easy to control this time change, as opposed to "falling back" when she wakes up at an hour earlier than her usual time. I guess we will find out soon enough!

I hate to lose the hour of reading, especially since my week has been so crazy that I haven't really had much time to read. That said, I do look forward to it being lighter in the evenings now -- this weekend's time change is a herald of Spring, so that's a good thing, in my opinion!


  1. I agree, it is nice to have extra daylight. The only thing I really hate about it is the lost hour of sleep. I guess that's just me though, being a student and all. Sleep is pretty precious, lol.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

  2. Kids do make the time change a pain. After two weeks of my 2 year old being off sleep-wise and just now getting back to normal, I am not looking forward to what next week will bring :)


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