Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Think I'm Taking a Break...

Yes, you probably figured that out given that I've been pretty silent lately.

Even after a friend gave me a great suggestion on how to change my review format in such a way that would probably simplify my blogging life, I simply can't seem to find my review-writing mojo. It's so strange, particularly since I'm still reading books like crazy... 70 towards my goal of 100!

So, as I've already stopped posting in general the last few weeks, I think it's a sign that perhaps I just need to take a summer vacation from the blog. I can't bring myself to give it up all together, so with any luck, you'll hear from me again in two to three months and hopefully I'll be refreshed and ready to go (and with a new review format I plan to try out)!

Please be sure to keep up with me on Goodreads -- I'm still actively cataloging my books, so you can see what I'm currently reading, adding to my TBR mountain, and I'll probably go ahead and rate my books over there, too, even though I'm not writing reviews right now.

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!