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Clothes Ironing Book Review

Title: How To Get Things Really Flat: A Man’s Guide To Ironing, Dusting and Other Household Art

Author: Martin Andrew

Genre: Household Management

Pub Date: 2008

My Thoughts

In this book, the author Martin A. writes a detailed guide to housework targeted specifically for men.

Martin Andrew tried his best to explain how easy it is to iron and to use steam irons the right way. He did include some interviews from ironing experts and also offers some answers for important ironing question such as : Who is best steam iron or steam generator ? How to use a clothes steamer the right way ? How to find the best steam iron for clothes ?

Some of the Book Big tips that I really loved are:

  • When traveling, keep clothes looking good by spraying them lightly with cool water and using a flat surface, use the back of your hand to smooth them out
  • Always hang a freshly ironed piece of clothing immediately after ironing.
  • How to get the right ironing board
  • How To Iron A Tie
  • Never leave your hot iron unattended and never use one near children

At the part II of the book the author explain how to clean a house the efficient way and provide the reader with cleaning checklist. The book also tries to motivate men to clean their houses themselves or at least to make sure to help their wives in cleaning.

Overall, the book is really easy to read, understand and follow. The author also writes about some of his funny stories when he was learning house management tricks.


5 Best Air Conditioning Books

Everything on earth is short-term. But exclude the Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) servicing and installation with this statement. Because, as far as the technology developing, HVAC is still keeping their constancy to produce a different convenience. While this is unquestionably encouraging, problems are inevitable. If you want your HVAC game to be on point you need to keep youreslf update it with the latest home ventilation and air conditioning systems.

So to reveal the solution to this, numerous books on HVAC new machines and their most recent information have been unleashed. All books are very advantageous resorts as they can enlighten you all you need to be familiar with to stay mindful of the up-to-date HVAC improvements.

In this article, you will discover our recommended books on HVAC technologies which will assist the beginners to repair and preserve the HVAC systems at home or workspace.

1. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning

It is a textbook that allows you to improve all the essential information and abilities that you need to remain updated on the latest HVAC. It contains entirely about all the concerns as regards to air conditioning and further systems in an uncomplicated approach. The book suggests some basic automatic controls and an intro to automatic controls. You may be interested also on reading about commercial refrigeration, Domistic appliances, air conditioning (heating and humidification), air distribution and balance and the main diffrences between the classic central air conditioning and portable room air conditioning.

2. HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

An HVAC drill book that provides you some easy yet effective ways. With this book you will be able to manage HVAC strategy on every production job. It is a handbook that gives details about HVAC overhaul that as well offers you with material concerning HVAC occupations on all types of constructions. This manual is written in a summary form which makes it effortless to figure out and practice in actual life. Through reading HVAC equations book you will find that it focuses mainly on air conditioning units and humedification appliances.

3. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox

This manual is one of the best HVAC textbooks for novices. It combines concept and exercises exquisitely, making it an impeccable HVAC drill book. the books considers mainly: Refrigeration System Fundamentals, Heating Systems, Motors and Electric Control Systems, Installing and Servicing Commercial Systems … You can see instructions inside.

4. Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 1: Heating Systems

Publisher: Audel

the books start off by introducing the heating and ventilating systems & fundamentals, AC units and systems. Then, it takes the reader to another field investigating the insulating and ventilating structures and sizing residential heating units. The book is quite advanced and it needs to have some basics on physics in order to understand completely some chapters.

5. HVAC Level 1 (4th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

It is a 500-page HVAC beginner’s guide that will assist you to acquire abilities beginning level 0 to an expert HVAC operator. It contains different themes, circumstances, difficulties and their fast resolutions which make it an overall answer for the HVAC apprentices and specialists.