Clothes Ironing Book Review

Title: How To Get Things Really Flat: A Man’s Guide To Ironing, Dusting and Other Household Art

Author: Martin Andrew

Genre: Household Management

Pub Date: 2008

My Thoughts

In this book, the author Martin A. writes a detailed guide to housework targeted specifically for men.

Martin Andrew tried his best to explain how easy it is to iron and to use steam irons the right way. He did include some interviews from ironing experts and also offers some answers for important ironing question such as : Who is best steam iron or steam generator ? How to use a clothes steamer the right way ? How to find the best steam iron for clothes ?

Some of the Book Big tips that I really loved are:

  • When traveling, keep clothes looking good by spraying them lightly with cool water and using a flat surface, use the back of your hand to smooth them out
  • Always hang a freshly ironed piece of clothing immediately after ironing.
  • How to get the right ironing board
  • How To Iron A Tie
  • Never leave your hot iron unattended and never use one near children

At the part II of the book the author explain how to clean a house the efficient way and provide the reader with cleaning checklist. The book also tries to motivate men to clean their houses themselves or at least to make sure to help their wives in cleaning.

Overall, the book is really easy to read, understand and follow. The author also writes about some of his funny stories when he was learning house management tricks.


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